What is glimpse?

The first thing we must do is determine the etymological origin of the term glimpse. Specifically, we can establish that it derives from Latin, as it is the result of the sum of two words:

— “Vix,” which means “righteous.”

-The noun “lumen”, which can be translated as “fire”.

The first meaning of the concept collected by the Real Academia Española (RAE) in its dictionary refers to the visualization of an object in an obscure or unclear way due to poor lighting or distance. For example: “After sailing for two hours, we managed to catch a glimpse of the island”, “In the twilight of the night, the young woman thought she saw someone walking slowly through the alley…” , “The fog does not allow us to see what is happening to each other.” side of the street”.

The idea of ​​a glimpse is also used to mention matters that are not material. A person glimpses something when he has little knowledge on the subject or when his knowledge arises from clues and conjecture: “I think I can see that Marta is not going to the party tonight”, “From what the manager told me, I can see what days will come . complicated for the company”, “The president’s speech allows me to see that the economic measures he is analyzing will favor the upper class”. The action of envisioning, in a similar sense, can also be linked to a forecast, a forecast or a forecast: “Economists are already beginning to see the end of the crisis for the second half of the year” , “The lack of information does not help to envision the future”. what will happen after the resignation of the minister”, “Documentation released by the Public Ministry suggests a dark future for the accused”. Likewise, in this sense we find the fact that there are certain events that serve to glimpse the future. So, for example, when there is an Auto Show, it is established that its purpose is to “predict” what will be the trends and developments that will mark the sector in the coming months. And the same is true in terms of fashion. In this way, when a catwalk or a “fashion week” takes place, it is established that it serves to glimpse what will be used in the coming seasons. In the literary field, we find a long list of works that have the word in question in their titles. An example of this is the book “Glimpse the light”, launched in 2011 and written by José Antonio de Piqueras. They also cite “Glimpse of Peace”, which belongs to the author Carlos María Perea. In 2016 this work was presented, which became a study on the set of challenges that Colombia considers itself to face in order to achieve peace in a definitive way. Thus, the set of actions in favor of this peace that have been carried out since the 1980s is also analyzed.

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