What is geotechnical drilling? (with photos)

Geotechnical drilling is often performed prior to the installation of an oil well.

Geotechnical drilling is drilling that is often related to the construction of a structure, such as a building or an oil rig. It can be part of the construction process as well as part of the investigation process conducted on site prior to the construction of the structure. This process is typically performed by a company that specializes in providing geotechnical drilling services, under the supervision of a geotechnical engineer who remains present to ensure that the drilling meets the needs of the project. These companies may also offer other drilling services depending on their size and where they are located.

A drilling rig is used to drill for oil.

A common reason for geotechnical drilling is site investigation. Site investigation is conducted to determine whether or not a site will be suitable for construction. It includes drilling to remove rock and soil samples, along with drilling to assess soil stability and other topics of interest. In the case of an oil rig, drilling may also include an investigation to learn more about the quality of the oil and where it is located.

A drilling engineer oversees all aspects of a drilling project.

Site investigation is critical for large structures. Unsafe soil or rock conditions can lead to structural collapse or can create a dangerous situation in an earthquake or flood. The law often requires that a site be investigated for safety before building permits are issued and that ongoing safety monitoring takes place to detect any changes or signs of development of problems that could pose a threat to development.

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Geotechnical drilling can be used to locate oil offshore.

As part of the construction process, geotechnical drilling includes drilling to prepare foundations, coffins and various supports. Drillings of this type are supervised by an engineer who confirms the placement of the hole and ensures that the drilling is conducted correctly. Drilling a hole in the wrong place or drilling incorrectly can create problems that can lead to delays.

Geotechnical exploration looking for deposits of oil, gas, minerals and other things of value inside the Earth can also utilize geotechnical drilling. Drilling is used to obtain core samples and collect site data. It is also used by scientists who want to learn more about Earth and collect samples such as ice cores in regions such as the poles. Ice cores can be a fascinating record of Earth’s climate history, neatly preserved in ice for the convenience of scientists interested in climate topics. In that case, geotechnical drilling can be performed by a company that specializes in scientific drilling applications rather than construction drilling.

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