What is Game Management?

Las Vegas is a destination for those looking for gaming management jobs.

Gaming management is a program that prepares an individual to perform the administrative functions of a gaming establishment, such as a casino. The program can train a person to become a gaming manager, who is responsible for managing staff, handling complaints, and taking care of guests in a gaming environment. Gaming management programs can vary in length and can be undertaken at colleges, casinos or online through accredited institutions. Courses often include gaming law, accounting, and hospitality marketing.

Game management programs are useful for an individual who wants to work in a casino.

When a person successfully completes a gaming management program, they can find employment in Las Vegas or other locations around the world where gambling is found. Additionally, the program can prepare a person for other careers in the gaming industry. This could include a gaming surveillance operator who is responsible for overseeing security and mid-level gaming operations managers who oversee others and ensure gaming regulations are followed. In addition, gaming management can prepare a person for other positions, including a shift manager, casino financial analyst, pit manager or casino host.

Training programs prepare a person to handle a high volume of customers as well as specific games. In addition, some programs prepare the individual to serve alcoholic beverages and prepare food. Training can help prepare a person to deal with employee issues that may arise, such as the provision of health care and the need for disciplinary action.

To enroll in a program, usually a person needs a high school diploma. The course focuses on the day-to-day operations of a casino or gaming establishment. Topics that may be covered include scrambling, payment methods, and issue markers. To teach how a casino or gaming establishment works, courses can also deal with surveillance and security. Since most gambling establishments are open 24 hours a day, all year round, gaming management teaches you how to assess staffing needs.

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Other aspects that could be covered in a gaming program could be psychological elements and how gaming affects tourism. Psychological elements can include the dos and don’ts of the gambling industry, such as compulsive behavior and gambling addiction. Training can also address how gambling affects crime rates as well as the economy.

A game management program trains an individual how to handle money and may include financial accounting, math and computer courses. Some programs may also offer leadership courses and communication classes to help deal with customers and employees. Another component of a game management program might include a supervised internship. Internships provide hands-on experience working in a gambling establishment.

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