What is Fromage Fort?

Goat cheese, which can be used in the frozen fort.

Fromage fort is a type of French cheese spread made from different types of cheese and mixed with other ingredients. In many traditional versions of this dish, the cheese used is leftovers or pieces of different types of cheese. Cooks mix them with wine or broth, as well as garlic and herbs, to obtain a textured paste with a unique flavor.

Swiss is one of the most common hard cheeses in ice cream fort.

The name of the dish, fromage fort, is translated from French as “strong cheese”. This dish is so named for the strong flavors created by mixing strong-tasting cheeses with wine and other elements. Cooks may or may not choose to age the pasta to change its flavor.

Cheeses typically used for fromage fort include soft cheeses like Camembert and Brie, as well as harder cheeses like Parmesan or Swiss. Goat or chevre cheese can also be used. Almost any cheese will serve as an ingredient for a strong ice cream, where the resulting paste is a good way to use up leftover cheese.

Fromage fort is a mixture of different types of cheese and can include brie, camembert or other flavored cheese.

Essentially, fresh cheese is a means of avoiding the waste of cheese that was originally purchased for some other purpose. For example, someone might have a “wine and cheese” celebration at their home or some other location. The leftover cheese from this event can be used to make a strong ice cream. If the purchase of the event includes varieties of white wines, useful in the recipes of this dish, they can also be used.

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Other ingredients also add flavor to this type of dish. Some cooks add cranberries or other types of dried fruit. Others may use chicken stock or vegetable stock; a vegetable broth is usually more helpful in making the dish less perishable. In addition to these ingredients, some other cooks can also use beer to make a strong ice cream, as the brew adds a strong and particular flavor that is appealing to many.

Although it has a distinctly exotic name, Fromage fort is not terribly different from other cheese spreads known by various names in other parts of the world. In some English-speaking societies, cheese spread is often served in the form of a “cheese ball” or “cheese log”. The ingredients for these presentations are very similar to those mentioned above. Other societies, such as Eastern European communities, also have their own versions of cheese spreads as part of the local cuisine.

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