What is fortune?

Ventūra, a term from the Latin language, came into Castilian as Ventura. The concept refers to fortune, prosperity or destiny. For example: “I was lucky to meet a great man on my way”, “Events took place without the luck I expected”, “The deputy was left to his words. ”

The notion is used in the assembly of various expressions. “Good luck” or “good luck” refers to someone’s happy luck. The idea of ​​“by luck” or “by chance” refers, on the other hand, to what is at the mercy of luck or exposed to having a negative or positive effect. “By chance” is a phrase that can be equivalent to the adverb maybe or maybe.

Ventura, on the other hand, is a common name in several speaking countries. Luis Ventura is an Argentine journalist dedicated to entertainment. A speaker and television presenter, Ventura has also written books, worked on the radio and founded the “Paparazzi” magazine. Enrique Ventura is a Spanish cartoonist who formed a famous duo with screenwriter Miguel Ángel Nieto. The duo created series such as “Grouñidos en el desert”, “King Tongo”, “Maremagnum” and “It’s that they’re going crazy”. It should be noted that Ventura is also a male first name: Ventura Pons (producer, screenwriter and director) and Ventura Núñez (bullfighter) are some of the personalities that bear this name. Not to mention Ventura Rodríguez (1717 – 1785). This was an 18th century Madrid architect who is considered, like Juan de Villanueva, one of the most important architects of his time. One of his singularities is that he developed his work between two artistic movements: Baroque and Neoclassicism. The Royal Chapel of the Palace of Madrid, the remodeling of the Basilica of the Pilar in Zaragoza or the main facade of the Convent of the Filipino Augustinians in Valladolid are some of the most significant works of all that this artist accomplished. Likewise, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a cinematic character who also takes the term in his hands on his behalf. We are referring to Ace Ventura, an eccentric pet detective with a very peculiar style. Specifically, he is always identified by wearing a Hawaiian print shirt, striped pants, and an Elvis Presley hairstyle. The chameleonic actor Jim Carrey is the one who gave life to this character, who acted in two films: “Ace Ventura, a different detective” (1994) and “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” (1995). Two box office successes that later led to the creation of a series of cartoons about this character that became one of the most important in the aforementioned actor’s career.

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Finally, Ventura is the name of a city and county in California (United States). Of this city we can highlight that it has a population of just over 100,000 inhabitants and has its origin in the 18th century, specifically around the year 1782.

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