What is formative assessment?

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In the business world, a formative appraisal is an evaluation of a product that is carried out before the production process is completed. This allows product manufacturers to look for flaws and decide if the product delivers what is expected before it can no longer be changed. This differs from a summative appraisal, which is performed after production is complete and the product is ready to be sold. In many cases, a formative assessment is carried out by the product manufacturers themselves or other team members who have intimate knowledge of the desired outcome.

Whenever a company decides to create a new product, it must make sure that the product fulfills the purpose for which it was designed and meets the quality control standards maintained by the company. This requires extensive testing that must be done before the product is ready for sale. Once it hits store shelves, there’s not much a company can do to fix any issues. As a result, formative assessment is a necessary step in production to ensure that the highest quality products reach consumers’ hands.

When a company carries out a formative assessment, it does so during the production process itself. At various stages, you should check whether the product is achieving its goals. If not, adjustments can be made to alleviate any issues. Further evaluations can be made after adjustments are made, and the process continues until the product meets all of the production team’s objectives.

This formative assessment process is in direct contrast to summative assessment, which is another necessary part of the production process. Most of the time, summative assessments are done after the project is completed. While changes may not be possible at this point, lessons can still be learned from the summative assessment that will inform the company in future production efforts. A diligent company will perform formative and summative assessments.

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There are many different objectives of a formative assessment that a company must be sure to meet. Obviously, the company must be concerned about the quality of the product and whether or not it does what it is supposed to do. In addition, a company must be aware of any unexpected issues that may not have been considered in its original production plan. Likewise, he may find ways to improve the product that were also not in the original plan. These unexpected contingencies are a big part of the formative process.

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