What is Food?

Before we enter fully into establishing the meaning of the term food, we must know its etymological origin. In this sense, we can emphasize that it derives from French, more precisely from “viande”, which can be translated as “food and sustenance”.

However, we cannot ignore that this term in turn comes from Vulgar Latin, from “vivanda”, which emanated from the verb “vivere” (“to live”). The concept can be used to name the foods that a human being eats and the food that is offered at the table. For example: “To get food, you have to wait in line” , “The food they give children at school is very bad” , “You already have the food ready: I ​​hope you like it . ” The idea of ​​food is often used to name the container or tray that includes a portion of food. Food, in this sense, can be transferred from home to another location for eating out (in a park, to name one possibility) or delivered for lunch or dinner at a specific location (a school, a company, etc.) .

Suppose a family plans to spend the day at the beach. Before leaving the house in the morning, the mother prepares food for all the members, with sandwiches, fruit and drinks. Then store the food in a portable fridge (fridge or fridge) to transport the food to the beach. Finally, at lunchtime, everyone has a meal and gets ready to eat. In addition to all the above, it is necessary to highlight that the term viand gains special prominence in relation to a typical recipe from Spain. We refer to the Madrid stew, which is a stew with an exquisite flavor, ideal for the winter months and which comes in three dishes or servings, also known as dumps:

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-The first is the one that is made up of the broth that managed to obtain after cooking all the foods that occupy the central place in the stew.

-The second is the one that allows the diner to taste both the cooked chickpeas and the potatoes and what vegetables, especially cabbage, were served.

-The third is the one that responds to the name of the meats. It is made of what meat is: bacon, chorizo, chorizo… The notion of healthy eating is currently used to name the tray of food that a nutritionist usually prepares for people to take to work and thus avoid junk food. The objective is that the subject, in addition to the little time that is usually allocated for lunch in the middle of the workday, is fed in a healthy way. It should be noted that there is precisely a food company in Spain that responds with the name of Viandas de Salamanca. These are shops specializing in sausages, specifically ham, and are distributed in the most diverse corners of the country.

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