What is flying?

Flight is the action of flying. This verb refers to rising in the air and moving around for a certain amount of time. Said lift can occur thanks to the wings or some aviation apparatus. For example: “The flight of the eagle is majestic, as we can see by looking at that specimen heading to the top of the mountain”, “Gentlemen passengers, you are informed that the flight to the city of Madrid is delayed by strong storms”, “The defender kicked hard and the ball made a surprising flight, until it landed right inside the arc”.

The notion of flight is used to name the space that a bird travels flying and without landing on the ground or any object: “This species performs long-distance flights in search of food” , “When noticing that a pack of wolves was approaching, the bird took flight and left”, “Have you ever seen the flight of a swallow? ”

The path an airplane travels between its takeoff point and its final destination is called a flight. This tour can include stopovers: “I was told that we would have about ten hours of flight time before we arrived in Africa” , “It was a very smooth flight, without turbulence or inconvenience” , “They still haven’t announced our flight” . For some years now, thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet to expand the boundaries of a business through unprecedented communication with customers, services have been available to search for cheap flights and to compare different airlines. Although it is not something that did not exist before the massification of the Internet, it is no longer necessary to travel or make calls in search of the best offer, since all this work is done by a website in a matter of seconds, to show us the prices of the companies most important airlines and discounts per booking. If in the past flying by plane was a luxury that many people could not afford in their entire lives, today it is an increasingly common experience, thanks in part to these services, which open the door to exceptionally cheap trips that fit almost everyone. the pockets. Those who know how to look for the best deals and are willing to book a flight several months in advance can get almost negligible prices. In another sense, it is known as flight to the width or length of a dress in the part that does not fit the body. It can also be the width of any fabric in general: “This skirt has a lot of flare”, “I’m looking for a red curtain that has flight”, “I prefer tight dresses, without so much flight.

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The expression to hunt something at the time means to warn about a situation, usually negative, as soon as it occurs, just in time to prevent it from turning into something worse. It can refer to a verbal attack, such as being a hint, and in such a case, saying “I caught your hints on the spot” would mean that the recipient of such attacks was able to understand them as soon as they were spoken and that, perhaps, he instantly refuted them. Let’s look at another use of this expression. In May 2014, in the Guangdong region of China, a one-year-old boy was playing at his second-story window while his mother was away. Two neighbors noticed the situation and quickly approached the building, as they realized the fall was imminent. To further complicate the scene, it was a stormy day, which made the window frame more slippery in which the boy risked his life every second. Finally, he crashed, but one of the men managed to catch him in flight, saving him just in time.

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