What is Eyeshadow Primer?

The eyeshadow primer can be applied with a makeup brush.

The eyeshadow primer is a cosmetic that is used to coat the eyelids before eyeshadow application so the makeup can be applied in a smooth, even layer that stays in place on the eyelid. Some people find that shadow creases appear during the day as a result of simple blinking and normal eye movements. Primer works to prevent these creases from appearing and can also help increase the vibrancy of the eyeshadow color.

Cosmetic companies sell not only eyeshadow primer, but also primer for other areas of the face.

Most types of eyeshadow primer come in a tube or small tub and are applied with a brush or wand with a soft end. A concealer brush can also be used to apply it. While there are slight variations in primer colors, most come in shades that match most skin tones. That’s because the purpose of the primer is not to accentuate the eyelids with color, but to prepare them for the shadow that will serve that purpose.

The eyeshadow primer gives shadows added on top a stronger surface to adhere to.

Although the primer has a slightly damp consistency, it dries quickly after application. To ensure it dries properly, the cosmetic should be applied in a thin, even layer. Once it dries, there’s a smooth, even surface that will take the shade well and work to keep it in place. The principle behind using eyeshadow primer is quite similar to the principle behind using primer on a wall: creating an even layer of product covers the structure below and creates a better surface for the top coat of product.

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It is advisable to choose a neutral color primer that can be used on most eyeshadow shades.

This cosmetic can be especially important for people who spend their days in hot or humid climates. Condensation of moisture or sweat on your eyelids can cause eyeshadow to wrinkle, move, and even run, and using a primer can prevent this from happening. The product can also be important for people who like to wear very dramatic eyeshadows, which, if smudged, can go from pretty to messy in the blink of an eye. By simply holding the eyeshadow in place, the primer eliminates this problem.

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