What is expiration?

By exhalation is meant the action of overcoming an obstacle or being defeated by someone or something. It can also refer to the deviation or inclination of an element, to the deadline that is defined to pay a service or provision or to settle a debt or to the maximum recommended date to eat a food or use a certain product and thus avoid being produced effects. counterproductive.

It should be noted that the expiration date is mandatory data on packaging of various products. This information indicates until what day, month and year the product can be consumed or used under the best conditions. After this date, the contents of the container may be harmful to health.

For example: “Yesterday I bought a chocolate on the train and when I got home I realized that it had no expiration date” , “We have to finish the milk in the next few days: there is little time left for the expiration date ”, ” Five companies were fined for selling packaged food without the corresponding expiry date. ” The expiration date of food tends to provoke two absolutely opposite reactions in people: on the one hand, there are those who do not respect them, as they guarantee that it is not a strict fact and that nothing bad happens if something is consumed by a couple of people. days beyond the limit; on the other hand, there are those who become obsessed and cannot even ingest a product on the day it expires, for fear of poisoning. At first glance, it is easy to side with the carefree, as it is popular knowledge that food companies not only prevent their customers’ health problems, but also seek to offer their products while they look tasty and fresh, hence the shelf life. can be read as “the day when this food will cease to be visually appealing”. However, the phrase “better safe than sorry” is often applied effectively, since there are numerous cases of changing shelf life, both in the food and medical sectors. In both cases, there are bodies that regulate the characteristics that must present the analysis and design of the validity information on the packaging. Of course, it is also necessary to distinguish what this date refers to in each product: for a food, it indicates the last day in which it will be in good condition, while for medicines it refers to the end of its effectiveness. There are many cases reported annually of counterfeit drugs, with chemical compositions different from those indicated in their leaflets, as well as expiration dates that are not based on studies. This case is even worse than the food case, as it not only causes health problems for consumers, but they are prevented from solving those they tried to treat in the first place.

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Service invoices also have an expiration date. This date marks the limit up to which the user or customer has time to pay: otherwise, they may incur surcharges or even cut off the service. Typically, the invoice includes two due dates: if the first one is passed without the payment being recorded, the company charges a surcharge. If the second due date has passed and the bill has not been paid, it is possible that the service will be interrupted : “I have to remember to pay over the phone: two days have passed since the due date and they can cut the line . “

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