What is expandable dental floss?

Good dental hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy smile.

Expandable dental floss is a dental hygiene product intended for cleaning between teeth. It thickens when it comes in contact with moisture, such as saliva. The friction caused by flossing between your teeth can also cause this type of floss to expand. This expansion can help produce better results and more effective flossing, because flossing is believed to clean more surfaces and wider spaces than other types of floss.

Expanding dental floss becomes thicker when it comes in contact with moisture.

Many people, especially those with tight or tight teeth, find it difficult to find a floss mark thin enough to slip between tight spaces. Types of floss that are thin enough can have the problem of not making contact with enough surfaces to clean hard-to-reach spaces in the mouth. Expandable floss manufacturers tend to market the product specifically for those who have difficulty getting the desired results from flossing. This is because floss starts out thin and flat, so it should be relatively easy to slide it between your teeth.

Expandable dental floss can lead to more effective flossing.

As flossing is generally highly recommended in the daily dental hygiene routine, even those without crowded teeth can benefit from expandable flossing. Brushing your teeth, while an important step in maintaining a healthy mouth, often fails to reach all the spaces where trouble spots can form. When food or plaque gets stuck between your teeth or along your gums, cavities or diseases like gingivitis can occur. Expanding dental floss is believed to help prevent these potentially painful and expensive problems.

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Teeth should be used daily despite professional cleaning sessions.

Many consumers have noted favorable reviews of various booming floss brands. The product tends to be made of strong fibers that allow for expansion, so floss is less likely to break or tear during use than other, cheaper fibers. Some customers, despite giving an overall favorable report of flossing, cautioned that expansion is difficult, if not impossible, to notice.

A good oral hygiene regimen can help prevent gingivitis, which can cause bone and tooth loss.

For the best possible results with this product, you may wish to educate yourself or ask a dentist for a brief tutorial on proper flossing technique. While the act may seem simple, dentists often note that incorrect flossing, even with expanding flossing, may not help much in the long run. One should try to avoid breaking the floss through the teeth and into the gum, as this can cut the gum and leave the soft tissue open to bacteria.

Flossing is a good way to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

The expanding dental floss should be gently pulled up to the gum until you feel slight resistance. Failure to deeply clean the gums may not produce good results. This specific type of dental floss can sometimes be difficult to find in retail stores, but it can be purchased at many online outlets.

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