What is existential emptiness?

Void is a concept that comes from the Latin word vacīvus. The term refers to that which lacks content. Existential , in turn, is an adjective linked to the action of existing (being, having life, belonging to reality).

The notion of existential emptiness is used to name a feeling that people have in certain contexts. For philosophers, this idea is part of the human condition, as it is inherent in people’s life experience. The human being experiences an existential emptiness when he does not find meaning in his life. In this way, he feels alienated. Existential emptiness can lead to the development of depression and other psychological disorders.

People with existential emptiness tend to be bored, pessimistic and apathetic. He does not find anything that excites him or makes him happy: on the contrary, he feels that there is no worthwhile goal. It is important to keep in mind that, in certain situations, it is normal for a subject to feel emptiness. This happens, for example, when you move or when a family member dies. If this feeling of emptiness extends over time, one can speak of an existential emptiness because the person was unable to “fill” that space with another motivation or emotion. It is considered that the referred existential emptiness has become a “contemporary evil” because many people suffer from it. And is that we live in a society where there are countless situations that can cause this, such as the stressful pace of life lived in cities, the high crime rates, the fact that society bets because the only happiness is to be someone successful and respected with a big bank account, who doesn’t have time to enjoy loved ones and hobbies…. To get rid of this feeling of existential emptiness, you can use infinite tools and perform countless actions, among which we can highlight the following:

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-Set new goals in life, as this will awaken energies and illusion, the desire to move forward.

– Knowing how to accept the reality that exists.

-Find more time to be able to do everything you want and want.

-Reflect on all the good and positive you have in life.

-Try to find the cause of the problem in order to provide a solution or, at least, be able to assimilate it correctly.

-Stop comparing yourself to other people.

-Establish your own rules and not be pressured by the rules imposed by society.

– Ask for help if necessary. Another way to leave this emptiness behind is to resort to the well-known method of the Swedish philosopher Peter Wessel, which is called “The Last Messiah” and which is based on eliminating all negative thoughts, distracting yourself, doing creative activities. .

Another aspect to consider is that emptiness is not interpreted in the same way in Western and Eastern cultures. While, for the Western world, emptiness is linked to depression, for the Eastern world it can be associated with a higher state in which the human being feels fulfilled: there is nothing to disturb him.

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