What is Estrogen for Men?

Estrogen can help decrease male pattern baldness.

Estrogen for men can treat a number of disorders if given in small doses, including osteoporosis, prostate enlargement, and depression. It may also provide some protection against death after heart failure and delay male pattern baldness. Estrogen, found naturally in the body, promotes healthy sperm and brain function.

Both men and women produce estrogen, called estrone in men. An enzyme synthesizes estrogen from testosterone in small amounts in the male body. Estrone regulates a man’s reproductive system and sexual desire, while normal levels maintain the heartbeat.

Obese men may have higher levels of dominance, also called estrogen dominance.

Doctors may prescribe estrogen for men with an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. This therapy began in the 1950s, but its use has declined due to unwanted side effects. Estrogen is still recommended for patients who do not respond to medication and other treatments to cure prostate cancer. Finding the right dose of estrogen for men is difficult because studies link too much male estrogen and low estrogen levels to prostate cancer.

Estrogen is recommended for men who do not respond to other treatments for prostate cancer.

A Polish study found a connection between estrogen for men and fatalities after heart attacks. The researchers found that men with the lowest levels of estrone were four times more likely to die from heart failure. Male patients with the highest levels face twice the risk of dying. Among research participants, those with average estrogen levels lived longer, but no definitive data linking cause and effect emerged from measuring estrogen in men.

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Estrogen in small doses can be given to men to treat an enlarged prostate.

Estrogen dominance reflects a medical term that describes high estrogen levels in men. As a man ages, his body produces less testosterone, which typically leads to higher levels of female hormones. Some medications and steroids can also cause the disorder, along with excessive alcohol use. Estrogen dominance can also develop in men who are obese and have certain unrelated illnesses.

Signs of estrogen dominance include weight gain and enlarged breasts. A man can also experience sexual dysfunction or lose interest in sex. His voice may change and the amount of facial hair will decrease as estrogen levels rise, and the body may take on a feminine appearance.

Estrogen for men generally reduces the prevalence of acne and can slow down the balding process. On the other hand, if estrone levels get too high, gallbladder and liver disorders can occur. Men also face exposure to estrogen through pesticides and growth hormones supplied to animals.

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