What is dotted? (with photos)

A wall can be dotted to highlight a textured material.

Dotting is an artistic technique in which the appearance of depth and texture is created with a series of tiny dots applied with a brush dipped in ink or ink, or applied with a pencil. There are a number of applications for stippling, ranging from texturing botanical designs to highlight notable features to stippling a wall to create a textured look. This technique takes some practice and skill, as stippling can look elegant and subtle or whimsical and simplistic, depending on how well it is done.

Ceilings are often dotted to create the textured look with the paint.

In the home, one of the most common uses of stippling is in texturing walls and ceilings. A wall can be dotted to create an old-fashioned effect that fits better with the overall look of the room, or dotted can be used to highlight a textured material such as plaster. Dithering is usually subtle, as you don’t want to overwhelm people looking at the dotted area with textural and visual information.

When dotting at home, people often apply a neutral base coat and then dot a different color over it. The colors used may vary depending on personal taste. Special brushes with fake ink effect can be used to achieve the desired dotted effect, or people can carefully control an ordinary brush. A glazed paint can be used for a slightly glazed effect that will highlight the dotted look of the finished project.

Stitching is also used to create a fly-stained or old-fashioned effect for furniture, or to create a more realistic faux wood finish. In this case, hand dotted paint effects can be used to make a piece look more unique and original, and it can also be used to cleverly hide some flaws that could be apparent if the piece were painted in a single base color. Flooring products can also be finished with this effect, in which case they need to be sealed so that stained areas don’t wear out with use.

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Many hardware and home improvement stores sell the tools needed for stippling, including specialty brushes and nail polish. The team may also have recommendations on colors to be used by people experimenting. For those who have never dotted before, it’s a good idea to practice on a piece of wood before applying the brush to something permanent, like a wall or ceiling. Practice allows people to see what the effect looks like and how it can be controlled.

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