What is Dogwood?

woman with a flower

Dogwoods are plants in the genus Cornus. They can take the form of trees or shrubs, and the dogwood group is actually quite diverse. Many gardeners like to plant dogwoods, because many species are extremely attractive, and some are also useful. Dogwoods tend to do best in temperate zones and prefer partial sun and acidic soil that is well mixed with organic matter.

As a general rule, dogwood trees are known to produce flowers, while dogwood shrubs produce colorful foliage. Both produce brightly colored fruit in the fall; some species produce edible fruit, although they may not taste very good. Dogwoods are also deciduous, losing their leaves in autumn, and tend to have simple opposite leaves, although some species have alternate leaves.

Many dogwood species lend themselves very well to hedging. A dogwood hedge can grow very quickly and serve as a very effective deterrent to all but the most determined animals and passers-by. Dogwood is also famous for having extremely hard wood that can be used for furniture and a variety of other tasks, although it is not suitable for large tasks as the wood tends to be warped and warped.

The most famous dogwood tree is probably C. florida, the flowering dogwood. Flowering dogwood can grow to a formidable height, producing delicate cream, pink or reddish flowers in spring. In addition to the primary flowering dogwood species, there are a number of other flowering dogwoods, some of which have a delicate and very pleasant aroma. Flowering dogwood is especially associated with the southern United States, the region where it originates.

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Dogwood shrubs can also make lovely ornamental plants. Many are quite easy to shape and trim, and their colorful foliage can be a very nice addition to the garden. In autumn, the fruits produced by the plants help to make the garden less arid. Most of the fruits are bright yellow or orange and are very popular with birds, for gardeners interested in attracting birds to the garden.

Gardeners looking to purchase dogwood can find it at many nurseries. Since dogwood is susceptible to disease and insect pests, it’s a good idea to inspect a nursery carefully for signs of disease to ensure your dogwood will remain healthy when you bring it home.

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