What is Divorced Huevos?

Eggs are one of the basic ingredients of huevos divorceados.

Huevos divorceados, literally “divorced eggs,” is a Mexican breakfast dish consisting of eggs, sauces, and fried beans or chilaquiles. This meal can be altered to suit a number of different tastes, substituting sauces or other ingredients, or changing the way eggs are cooked. Mexican food aficionados will likely appreciate this meal as an alternative to more traditional egg breakfast dishes.

The presentation of the dish gives it the name of huevos divorceados. Instead of being whipped into an omelet, or even touching the plate, the eggs are separated. Each egg is also covered in a different type of sauce, with a side item placed between them. This Mexican breakfast can be served without side dishes; one drink, usually orange juice, is all that is needed.

Divorced Huevos ingredients include two eggs, two different types of sauces, and fried beans or chilaquiles. Optional ingredients include a soft tortilla for breakfast, tortilla chips and cheese. Eggs can be cooked sunny side up or easier.

Like many other Mexican dishes, huevos divorceados contain sauces. Red and green sauces are used in this dish. These sauces can be made from scratch or store-bought sauces can be used. Salsa verde, or salsa verde, is typically mild, while red parsley is available in moderate, medium, and hot varieties. Customers who don’t like overly spicy food might choose a light or medium red salsa, while others might prefer the contrasting flavors of a mild salsa verde and a hot red salsa.

The simplest accompaniment to huevos divorceados is fried beans, which can be made at home or in a can. If a tortilla is used, it must be placed on the plate first. Hot beans can be placed in the middle of the tortilla or empty plate. The crispy tortillas placed on the beans add a different texture to the meal and are visually pleasing.

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Instead of refried beans, chilaquiles can be used. Chilaquiles are fried tortilla pieces that are cooked in sauce until tender. The sauce can be red or green, according to personal taste. The prepared chilaquiles are then placed in the center of the plate, in place of the fried beans. Crispy tortillas are not added in this version of huevos divorced.

Once the beans or chilaquiles are in place, an egg should be placed on each side. The prepared red parsley should be poured over the egg on one side and the green parsley over the other egg. Grated cheese can be added to the dish as a finishing touch, but this is not necessary.

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