What is Diples?

Diple dough usually contains chopped walnuts.

Diples, also called triples, is a Greek dessert made from deep-fried puff pastry. The fried, flattened dough is topped with a citrus-flavored syrup and topped with toasted sesame seeds. While simple diples can be any shape, cooks experienced in making this dessert can turn it into a variety of decorative shapes, such as tubes or rosettes. This dish is usually made with a sugar syrup and citrus, but the traditional version uses honey.

The dough of the diets is rolled out before being fried. When fried, it curls and bubbles, becoming crispy. Some diples are designed to look like blooming flowers, while others resemble something closer to a chip or an unfilled rolled-up taco.

In its less decorative form, this dessert looks a lot like the deep-fried wonton sheets served in many Chinese restaurants, but is generally less lumpy and bubbly. Made without the extra visual flair, they are a lot like square chips. The syrup coating gives these crunchy treats a light sheen.

The dough used to make diples is typically made from eggs, milk, and wheat flour, in addition to the flavoring agents used to give them the distinct citrus-spice flavor. Often the dough also contains chopped nuts. The rations are usually served chilled a day or two after being fried. They are rarely eaten fresh. Since this crispy dough dish is usually topped with a honey-based syrup, it is sometimes compared to baklava, a delicacy made with a special sheet dough and honey, but diples are much simpler to make.

Some recipes include lemon zest as part of the dough mix, giving the dough a citrus flavor. Other recipes leave the citrus out of the batter, but call for the zest to be included in the syrup that coats the diples. Still others call for citrus in both the batter and syrup, which gives the dish an overall stronger citrus flavor.

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Diples puff pastry is usually seasoned with ouzo, a common alcoholic drink in Greece. Ouzo is a flavored alcohol, a spiced liqueur made by distilling spiced alcohol, most often aniseed, but may also include other spices such as cloves and cinnamon. The alcohol used for ouzo is usually made from grape skins. Real ouzo is only made in Greece. Less commonly, it is made with a drink called Mataxa cognac, which is a special blend of cognac and wine.

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