What is Department Personnel Administration?

personnel Department administration requires paper work, budgets, and attention to detail.

The term department personnel administration is used to cover a wide range of business tasks within a department and may also be used to describe the staff responsible for those tasks. Administration refers to all the business processes and procedures used to ensure compliance with company policies and the completion of operational activities. Personnel administration is often used to describe tasks related to human resources activity and management of staff information.

Recruiting and hiring are typical tasks in personnel administration.

People who are detail-oriented, often enjoy working with others, and are naturally outgoing enjoy working in a personnel administration area or position. This type of position is typically found in medium to large organizations, where there are several administrative assistants and related staff. The primary role of these staff members is to complete administrative tasks, communicate, and resolve issues.

The tasks in department personnel administration can be divided into three primary areas: operational, staff related, and events. Operational tasks often include ordering supplies and equipment for department staff, arranging furniture, relocating staff to different offices, and other items that occur during the day. There is a great deal of variety in these tasks, but not a lot of complexity.

Staff-related tasks include keeping track of attendance, issuing and tracking someone, securing cards and keys, maintaining lists of staff members and their contact numbers, as well as coordinating information when in to report an absence to a department. This type of work requires great detail, focus, and confidentiality. Almost all firms have strict expectations surrounding privacy and security of personal information. People in personnel administration are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

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People who fork in administration are often called on to organize events or office parties. Determining the number of people, theme, location, food, and other logistics requires significant time and effort. Most events are planned months in advance, creating a flurry of activity as the date comes closer. In many firms, there are numerous events per year, involving a range of guests.

The opportunities for advancement for staff who work in this field vary, depending on the size of the company. For example, an international firm may need to have department personal administration staff in each location. A smaller company, however, may simply need one central department. The skills required for this type of work are transferable and can be used to apply for a range of positions in administration. Staff can qualify for a job in human resources, accounting, or as a support staff member to an executive.

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