What is Deglazing?

Lemon juice can be used to remove the windowpane.

Degreasing is a cooking technique that involves introducing a liquid into a pan used to extract pieces of food that may have become stuck in the pan during the cooking process. Most commonly, it is employed for sautéing foods, although roasting pans and similar dishes can also be taken out of the frosting. The resulting rich, flavorful liquid can be used as a sauce or the base of a sauce that often accompanies foods cooked in the same pan. In addition to being an efficient way to remove debris from the bottom of a pan, removing frosting is also a great way to make a quick and flavorful sauce.

Deglazing can be used when making a braised dish.

To degrease a pan, the chef starts by cooking something in it. Chicken chops, for example, can be sautéed in a pan with seasonings and oil or butter. After the cooked food has been removed, the pot returns to the heat and a liquid such as broth, wine or water is poured. As the liquid is gently heated, a spatula or wooden spoon can be dragged along the bottom of the pan to bring up any bits that may be stuck to it. When the entire pan is defrosted, the cook can pour the resulting liquid over the food, add seasonings, thicken with flour, or use it as a base for a more complex sauce.

Both meat and vegetable dishes can be defrosted. Deglazing can also be used during the cooking process, as can be the case during a frying. Using a liquid to remove the cover from the pan halfway through the cooking process will change the final flavor and texture of the food and will also reduce the amount of oil that needs to be used. Some people also use the technique when making soups and stews, sautéing a mixture of fresh vegetables in the same pan they cook the soup in and deglazing the pan before adding water and other soup ingredients.

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When fatty foods are cooked, an acidic defrosting liquid can cut through the fat in the sauce so it doesn’t feel as heavy or cloying. Lemon juice and wine can be used for this purpose. For less fatty foods, any type of degreasing liquid can be used to mix with vegetable or meat juices. When removing the shine from a skillet, try briefly sweating onions, garlic, or shallots in the skillet before adding the liquid, to make a sauce with more flavor and texture.

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