What is decent housing?

Housing is a covered and closed space where people live. The term can be used synonymously with house, house, residence or domicile. Worthy, on the other hand, is something that has dignity and which, therefore, can be tolerated or used without dishonor.

The idea of ​​decent housing refers to a building that allows its inhabitants to live in safety, comfort and tranquility. The notion, therefore, is linked to certain structural and environmental characteristics of the household in question. It is important to keep in mind that the right to housing is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations (UN) emphasizes in several documents that this housing must be “dignified and adequate”: that is, it must allow the individual to reach an acceptable standard of living.

A person can live in a box with cardboard walls, a canvas roof and an earthen floor, without sewage or electricity. Although this box is the subject’s house, it cannot be defined as a dignified space, since the living conditions that this type of house promotes are precarious. A decent house, on the other hand, must provide insulation against weather conditions (that is, it must protect the resident from heat, cold, rain, etc.), have a secure structure (without the risk of collapsing), contain with basic services (access to potable water, drainage, energy) and be located in an environment that facilitates communication and transfers. Decent housing must also provide legal security to the inhabitant. As with most pillars of our civilization, human beings accept the concept and implications of a “decent dwelling” without asking questions, because from an early age we are instilled in the need for the comforts and services described above, and we assure you that we could not. survive without them, or at least not in healthy conditions. We assume that the only case in which there is no decent housing is when poverty prevents it, but what happens if someone tries to live without it, if he chooses a new set of conditions for his development? There are many people who have moved away from the structures imposed by society in search of new horizons, of ideas outside the conventions, and this does not always respond to a simple rebellion, but it can be the result of questioning the apparently unquestionable, of wanting. to have more control over your life. Although there are certain limits that respond to the characteristics of our organism, such as that we could not survive in the snow without the help of a shelter and a warm shelter, the concept of decent housing includes certain points that can be considered extreme.

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First, we must ask ourselves what our real needs and particular abilities are, in order to know what kind of home we want to have. Given that we are all individuals, each with their own personality, it does not seem entirely coherent to assume that we all need the same organization to develop our lives. This can be seen in small, less extreme examples, such as the contrast between a person who cannot go down stairs without holding on to the handrail and another who slides at full speed and jumps at the end. We have come to depend so much on potable water, on insulation against extreme temperatures and on electrical energy that we do not remember our origins; but within us there are still traces of those beings who could live and, much more importantly, be happy without any conditions. Wealth and what we call dignity is useless if it brings us a deep sadness; On the other hand, there is always a poor child that causes us much regret, but he might smile much more a menudo than us.

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