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Brainstorming, in Spanish « Brainstorming or brainstorming », although it doesn’t seem like it, is an old business and marketing strategy that at the beginning of the 20th century brought important changes in terms of logistics and the organization of ideas in the institutions that used it. they. A Brainstorming is carried out in the presence of all possible components of a company, managers, service executives, creatives and connoisseurs of the topic under study, these, versed in their ability to propose innovative ideas, put them on a discussion table. , in this, all possible proposals are analyzedTo discard until a solution to the problem or circumstance that presents itself is obtained.

The genius of Brainstorming is based on the versatility of ideas, which do not have an established limit in relation to imagination, the possibility of raising any idea to turn it in favor of what you want to do is an obvious possibility. and positive. This strategy is part of the compendium of marketing or marketing features with the objective of presenting a new product or service to society, totally fresh in the eyes of the consumer and with an impact on him. Advertising before being released to the public is usually submitted to this process, as in addition to ideas, opinions, queries are placed on the table. .

This strategy is mainly for those procedures that require creativity and variety of ideas, a practical knowledge of the ways in which the customer or consumer can react or simply how important will be the impact that society receives with the product. However, there are approaches in which Brainstorming can also be applied in order to find the form or the theme to be treated, we refer to theses or degree works, the first instance in a meeting of those who compose it is to decide what will be the theme that will serve as the basis for the project, here everyone contributes with their idea in the form of Brainstorming.

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