What is Database

A Database is the collection of a certain amount of information clusters that are related to each other, to determine the degree of expansion of a database, you must be aware of what is being managed in that database. The data contained in a database are sufficient to carry out statistical studies, usually this is done to summarize administrative work when the entry of information and data files is constant. The organization of the data of the system itself must have an order that facilitates the quick location of some specific data.

Databases or information systems are shown in history as large spaces intended to store information in large quantities of the same type or item. In the past, in institutions where permanent information was kept, such as immigration and foreign organizations, universities, public ministries and identification services, folders with people’s information were kept in large shelves placed on rails to compact the corridors and thus save space, even these mechanisms are still kept in certain public institutions for fear of a fraud or problem that has been caused with technological databases on the Internet.

These computerized databases have the advantage of synthesizing the space that a physical database occupies, as it is limited to a space in a local digital data network or to a web space intended for the protection of these files, better known as a data cloud. . These databases have numerous facilities, if it is a web base (cloud) it can be accessible from any device that has internet, currently there are applications for mobile devices such as Smartphones To open these clouds, in addition, they provide the owner with a certain system of security with which you will stay safe, ranging from access codes, to security questions and constant monitoring in case of failed access attempts. Databases are necessary in any organization that constantly mobilizes information of the same nature, and their care and order preserve the administrative quality of institutions.

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