What is cutlery? (with photos)

Many people use expensive silverware for special occasions.

Cutlery refers to tableware used for serving and eating food, such as forks, spoons, butter knives and plates, all of which are quite flat in design. This is contrasted with holloware, which refers to items shaped like a hollow vessel, including coffee pots, teapots, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers, cream pots, and bowls.

Many homes have two sets of cutlery, one for everyday use and one more expensive for special occasions. An example of an expensive cutlery set is silver and china, while everyday cutlery can be stainless steel embellishments with ceramic, earthenware or Corelle tableware.

Cutlery can be coordinated to match other cutlery, such as bowls.

Cutlery comes in a wide range of prices and styles. Its design can be austere and utilitarian or highly decorative. Pricing depends on the quality and number of settings included and can range from around $10 for stainless steel at your local department store to several hundred dollars for sterling silver. Large sets of sterling silver flatware can easily cost well over a thousand dollars.

Among recognized cutlery names like Oneida, Waterford, Tuttle, CJ Vander and Lunt, some designers like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein also offer cutlery. Other designers like Versace and Vera Wang have coordinated dinnerware and cutlery lines, sold separately. These highly artistic and decorative sets may be preferred over a traditional porcelain set, and the dinnerware will include a little holloware.

Cutlery with expensive patterns is available in single units or in sets, usually of five. Purchasing the set saves money in the beginning, but later you can replace a single appliance or increase the “one” or “two” configuration to suit your needs, without having to buy an entire additional set. It is important to note the manufacturer and name of the standard for this purpose.

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Couples often register a pattern at a department store. The pattern may be available not only for coordinated cutlery and crockery, but also for serving platters or hostess sets, crystal decanters, and wine glasses or sets.

With the wide variety of styles, price range and availability, the right cutlery can be found for any purpose, taste and budget. Many providers are available online, so you can get a good look at standards and costs without even leaving your home. For everyday cutlery, save money by making sure the set has what you need, without extra utensils you won’t be using.

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