What is custom furniture? (with photos)

People can have a custom made sofa for their home.

Custom furniture is furniture made to your specifications upon request. You can design the piece entirely on your own, or you can choose a style and decide on the details, such as materials like wood, paint, and fabric. Creating your own custom furniture is exciting and a unique piece will add a unique charm to your decor.

The first step is to choose the joiner. Do any of your friends or relatives know a quality woodworker? Are there any custom furniture builders in the area that have a good reputation? When you find a potential builder, you can ask to see some of their work. Certain custom furniture manufacturers specialize in different types of parts. Make sure that what you choose does the kind of custom furniture you are going to order.

A custom pouf can be made specifically for a particular buyer.

Then decide on the basics. What kind of custom furniture do you have in mind? Perhaps a beautiful cherry blossom cabinet? Perhaps a beautiful oak dresser with large, cedar-lined drawers or an oversized comfortable chair? Would you like to create a coordinated pouf to go with it? If you’re still not imagining the piece, you’ll need to choose a style. Maybe you like straight, clean lines, or maybe you prefer lots of curves and smooth edges or intricate woodwork.

Entertainment centers and lockers can be customized.

When designing custom furniture, you may need to decide whether you want your piece to have a contoured base, as in the case of a chair. Skirts can be straight, ruffled or pleated. Or you may prefer a clean edge with straight legs, carved legs, or upholstered feet. If your custom furniture is a sofa, how many pillows will it have? Will the back be padded or covered with pillows? Released or imprisoned? Filled with foam, fiber or down?

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For custom upholstered furniture, you will have a wide variety of fabrics to consider. From upholstery to leather and suede, there’s something for every taste and budget. Choose the texture, color and type of material that best suits your needs, such as an easy-to-care micro suede. You’ll want your custom furniture to last, so make sure you choose something durable, especially if you have kids.

With so many options, you might have a hard time deciding how you want each piece of custom furniture to look. It might be a good idea to seek recommendations from a designer or ask a custom furniture manufacturer detailed questions before making any final decisions.

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