What is Control Logic?

Control logic is a fundamental part of a software program that controls the program’s operations. Control logic responds to user commands and also acts on its own to perform automated tasks that have been structured into the program. It is also known as a controller and is part of the underlying software architecture developed at the same time the program is designed and coded.

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Control logic operates in binary, which means that software users cannot communicate with it directly. So software programs must be equipped with a feature that can translate user commands into binaries so that the control logic can understand them. The control logic output occurs in binary, but is translated into a function or message by the program. Thus, when a user presses the “save” button in a word processor, it is converted into a binary signal to the control logic, which then executes the save command and returns a message through the translator to alert the user that finished saving.

This part of a software program includes a clock signal that is used to time the operations, along with the decoding unit for binary translation. Control logic relies on the clock to ensure that operations take place in the correct order and at the proper times. Although the operations often appear to be simultaneous, there is actually a slight delay as the controller goes through a series of steps to make a function happen as requested by the user or the software program’s internal coding.

As the program’s command center, the controller is always working. Software programs are capable of performing multiple operations at the same time while working with the rest of the computer system. The program’s control center needs to balance user commands, directives generated within the program, and operating system needs to keep the program running reliably.

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When the software is under development, the control logic is tested and tweaked as needed to make it as effective and powerful as possible. Software developers may also periodically update it with new releases of the software to accommodate new functions and fix bugs that arise when the program is in regular use. Software development requires a keen eye for detail as well as patience.

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