What is confections?

The first thing we must do in order to analyze the term that interests us now, clothing, is to determine its etymological origin. Thus, we find the fact that it comes from Latin and more exactly from the word travere, which in turn emanates from the West Indo-European word, which can be translated as “clothing”.

The word dress is used synonymously with dress or garment. A dress is the garment or set of outer garments that cover the body. A vestment can also refer to the set of vestments, although the term is used to denote the vestment of priests in divine worship. Clothing includes underwear, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, and shoes, among other products. In its broadest sense, it names the total number of textile garments that serve to protect oneself from the weather, to dress and for modesty.

Clothing, in short, makes it possible to avoid contact of cold air or rain with the skin, protect the body from ultraviolet radiation and sunburn, in addition to hiding the genitals and parts of the body that are avoided to be shown in public. It is important to emphasize that over the years, and especially in the 20th and 21st centuries, clothing has been used to define and identify the different urban tribes that emerged. And it is that they, in addition to logically possessing a series of ideas and lifestyles that characterize them, also chose to establish almost what would be their “uniforms”. So, for example, we find “rappers” who identify themselves by the use of clothes where sports team caps, open-toed shoes with the tongue out, hoodies and sports pants occupy the center of attention. The so-called gothic or dark, in turn, opt for a garment made up of black and old-fashioned pieces. They also accessorize from crucifixes to pendants with all sorts of sinister motifs, like skulls or bats. Another of the urban tribes that are most clearly identified by the clothes they wear are the well-known chic or daddy’s babies. In their case, they wear all the clothes from recognized and expensive brands, both in their shoes and in the rest of their wardrobe. On the other hand, there is specific clothing for carrying out certain tasks, which protects the user from the risks inherent to the activity carried out. For example, racing drivers wear flame retardant clothing to avoid possible burns in the event of an accident. Clothes can be made from a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic. Natural materials can be of animal origin, such as leather and wool, or of plant origin, such as cotton. On the other hand, among synthetic materials, polyester stands out. In recent years, a new clothing concept called smart clothing has been developed. These are pieces of clothing that can change color or react to body temperature, for example.

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