What is Collagen Peptide?

A jar of collagen peptide cream.

Collagen peptide is a natural body protein produced within the body. Collagen and elastin in the body are produced to prevent the dermal layers of the skin from developing skin folds. Once created, these substances create bundles of collagen peptides, resulting in firm skin. When the beams decrease, the appearance of wrinkles becomes more noticeable. Skin care companies have manufactured collagen creams, injections and capsules designed to produce smoother skin for people of all ages. Creams that contain these peptides are typically manufactured as fragrance-free hypoallergenic skin care products.

Collagen peptide is available in capsule form.

Often referred to as hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptide is made from collagen through an enzymatic hydrolysis process. It is used as cosmetic or medical collagen in various skin creams and treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to moisturize the skin. Collagen forms are also created in the form of pills for oral ingestion. Supplements are usually sold at retail health and nutrition stores. In some areas, medical facilities and cosmetic salons sell these products.

Collagen peptide can be taken as an oral supplement to promote skin health.

Collagen peptide is also a digestible protein and can be taken as an oral supplement. Studies have shown that it can have benefits for sports performance, weight management, skin health, and joint and bone health. Scientists claim that it is absorbed by the body six hours after ingestion.

Oral ingestion of collagen peptide is the most common and most commonly used to treat dry, rough skin. Collagen cosmetic product is designed to increase collagen production and increase the density of collagen fibrils in the body. As a result, scientists studied the effect of collagen peptide on joint health. In one study, after taking this supplement, reports of joint pain decreased. Patients who took the oral form reported minimal side effects such as nausea.

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Collagen peptide is used in various skin creams and treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and moisturize the skin.

Collagen peptide is also used as a protein to aid in weight management and in nutrition-friendly diets. Hydrolyzed Collagen contains amino acids and proteins to boost energy for active individuals or athletes. It also contains amino acids produced in creatine, glycine and arginine, all proven aids used to improve athletic performance and increase energy. In addition to pills and skin hydrating forms, protein is also made into powder blends that can be used in food and drinks.

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