What is cinnamon bread?

Cinnamon sticks.

Often called cinnamon swirl bread, cinnamon bread is a type of sourdough bread made with cinnamon. While there are variations, most cinnamon rolls are made in the same way and are known for the characteristic brown spiral pattern that becomes apparent when the bread is sliced. It is often eaten alone, toasted, or used for French toast.

Since cinnamon bread is yeast bread, it takes several hours to make. Yeast breads should have time to rise, typically once in the bowl and once on the baking sheet. They must also be kneaded. Kneading can be done manually or with a dough hook in a blender. Cinnamon bread can also be made in the bread machine.

Raisins are a common ingredient in cinnamon bread.

Milk, water, flour, eggs, active dry yeast and sugar create the dough base for this bread. Butter is also included. The spiral is composed of a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Raisins are frequent additions to the dough itself or the spiral, though they are usually optional. Nuts can also be substituted for raisins.

To make cinnamon bread, the yeast is first dissolved in warm water or a mixture of hot milk and butter. When the mixture is bubbly, the eggs, flour and sugar are added. Milk and butter are also added if the yeast has been dissolved in water. If raisins are being included in the dough, they will also be added during this time.

After mixing, the dough is kneaded and placed in a bowl greased with oil or butter. The dough is turned over to be coated with oil before being covered and taken out to rise in a warm, humid place. Over the course of one to two hours, the dough should double in size.

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After the dough rises, it is rolled out into a long rectangle. Then brush the dough with melted butter or milk to moisten it, before a mixture of cinnamon and sugar is spread evenly over the top. Raisins or walnuts can also be sprinkled on top if not already included. Once coated, the dough is rolled up like a sleeping bag. The ends are folded down and the seams are merged together once it is rolled up.

The rolled bread is placed on a baking sheet and allowed to rise for another one to two hours. Then it can be brushed with butter before baking. Cinnamon bread should be allowed to cool for at least an hour before slicing.

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