What is career planning and development?

Having a written plan with long-term career goals helps people achieve career success.

Career planning and development is a lifelong process of psychological, behavioral and experiential influences that shape the lifespan of a career. This process begins during high school, as values ​​and interests take shape. Having a written career development plan helps you stay focused on the actions needed to achieve career-related goals and objectives. This plan should include information about a target occupation and the education and training needed to qualify for the job.

Participating in a career development program can lead to a promotion.

Career planning and development processes will also include a personal assessment of a person’s character traits, strengths and weaknesses to help identify suitable occupations. This self-awareness expands one’s understanding of the present and future skill set a person brings to a career. A person also gathers information about preferred work environments through employment experiences and development needs for areas of improvement. Achievements and performance reviews that describe skills and successes are included.

Simultaneous surveys and career development information about current and potential employers with similar values ​​and expectations as their employees reveal opportunities for career growth. Facts and figures about the future of a specific industry will help you make the right career choices. The career planning and development process continues even after you land the perfect job; the fluid business environment requires keeping abreast of current events and changes that may affect the industry.

Training programs for career advancement opportunities are an important part of career planning and development. Continuously building skills and knowledge will help a person to excel and gain the essential competencies related to an occupation. Volunteering on a team project at work or getting involved in a professional career association can increase visibility and opportunities for growth.

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Some companies offer career development programs for employees. When someone makes productive contributions to an organization, it benefits both the individual and the employer. Career development programs also lead to effective strategic succession planning within the company. Succession planning prepares employees for career advancement to senior-level positions after employees who hold those positions retire or transfer to other positions.

The career planning and development process outlines the essential information collected to write a resume and prepare for job interviews and promotions. A resume is the synopsis of the person’s work experiences and professional and personal accomplishments seeking a particular job. The resume is the main marketing tool for putting someone’s career plan into practice. First impression counts during a job interview, whether for a new position or promotion. Qualifications and accomplishments that demonstrate the person’s competence should be highlighted.

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