What is career counseling?

Career counselors offer advice and help prepare job seekers.

If you’re in a rut and aren’t sure what to do for a living, maybe professional advice is in order. By investing in a counseling session, you will be able to learn which professions may be suitable and, hopefully, most interesting for you. There’s nothing worse than working a job you don’t like. Visiting a career counselor is a positive step towards job satisfaction.

Career counseling can strengthen an employee’s chances of promotion.

Those who attend career counseling sessions will first have to take an aptitude test to see which profession is right for them. They may be surprised to learn that their original career path does not suit them at all. In fact, many who opt for counseling end up employed in an area that is the exact opposite of what they originally had in mind.

Career counseling, however, involves more than placement tests. Career counselors critique CVs, suggest the best and most efficient job search methods, help strengthen negotiation skills, assist in getting better pay and promotion packages, and generally guide you in the right direction. As they have a reputation to protect, it is in their best interest to have a high customer satisfaction rating.

Professional counseling can guide teens as they consider options after high school.

Teens who participate in career classes and workshops benefit the most. Not only will they learn which careers they are best suited for, but also which jobs pay the most and even which companies to avoid. Through career counseling, they will learn about trends in different industries as well as projected future trends. Students who are satisfied with the suggested career options and required courses for that career tend to do better in high school and college.

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Professional counseling can help people who have recently been laid off.

Society as a whole benefits when people are happy in their careers. Stress due to unhappiness in the workplace dissipates, as do incidents of domestic violence. Happy workers are also productive workers. Many business leaders now send promising employees for career counseling to determine where they would be happiest and subsequently do their best in their companies.

Career counseling can also benefit the economy. Those who are happy with their jobs are less likely to be unemployed. This means that there is a lower turnover rate among companies that encourage counseling for their employees.

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