What is car wrap advertising?

Advertising on car packaging tries to get the attention of potential customers.

Advertising on car packaging is a massive outdoor method that some advertisers use to grab the attention of potential customers. A vehicle, which can be a car, bus, truck or van, is covered in a thin synthetic adhesive sheet printed with an advertisement for a company. The advertising wrap can cover the entire vehicle or just some areas of it. For safety reasons, the front windshield must be left clear so that the driver’s vision is not compromised. The car packaging advertising method is a mobile method that allows drivers other than pedestrians to see a company name, contact information, and unique selling proposition (USP).

Placing the USP message in a car packaging ad is not an easy task because the viewer usually only has a few seconds to read the text and graphics. For example, even if a vehicle is wrapped in eye-catching colors and graphics, a “Flowers of Larry” car with just a website address and phone number is not enough. Potential customers often still need something to convince them why they need to contact this company.

That way, a clear USP differentiates each company. For example, all flower shops sell flowers, but some specialize in nationwide weddings or shipping, as is the case for which the FTD® company is known. A USP can be summarized in a slogan and this is especially useful when creating effective ad text for advertising on car packaging; both space and time to convey the message are limited. In the case of a small local business, as in the example of Larry’s Flowers, the vehicle packaging ad could convey the USP simply with text such as “Flowers for all your occasions, from family parties to corporate events. Call us today at 555-6677 for a free quote. ”

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A unique aspect of vehicle packaging advertising is that only one angle of the ad text can be read at a time. A potential customer can only see one side of the car and not the back or the other side. For example, if a car is behind a vehicle wrapped in advertising in traffic, its driver will only be able to see the back. For this reason, the rear window usually has the name, contact information, and quick maneuver line. An example of this is: “Thompson stump removal. Call now for your free estimate. 555-5555. ” Text should be large and clear for readability.

Advertising on car packaging is considered a low-cost ad method, as it typically only costs a few dollars for every thousand people who view it. The advertising message can be seen when the car is parked in public areas as well as when the packed vehicle is being driven. Large corporations often have an entire fleet of cars with the same ad across the country. This maintains a sort of market presence and reminds people of the brand when they see the ad for wrapped cars.

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