What is candle?

Sailing is a concept with multiple uses. It can be the object that has a wick inside, covered with a solid type of fuel (such as paraffin or wax). Candles are lit to provide light. For example: “There was no light and I can’t find the candles!” , “The fire occurred because the woman left the house and left a lit candle that fell on a table with a tablecloth” , “Tonight we will have a romantic dinner, by candlelight . ”

Although candles are mainly used to add a touch of intimacy and romanticism to a date, we cannot ignore that they are also widely used in magical rituals. Specifically, one or the other is used depending on their color, since each one is associated with an element or objective:

-White candles represent femininity, symbolize purity and serve to increase what is the strength of the spirit.

-The yellow of these elements is associated with power, money and work.

-Red candles, on the other hand, are associated with masculinity and sexuality. Therefore, they are used to increase love, passion, good health…

-When we talk about blue candles, we are referring to those that are linked to love, family and affection. Not to mention that they are also considered to have to do with protection and security.

-Purple candles, on the other hand, are identified with business, power, authority and will.

The fraternity and vanity of roses, the harmony of oranges or the luck of greens are other aspects that are taken into account in the aforementioned magical rituals when making use of them. However, we cannot forget that blacks are also used in those, which are those associated with darkness, evil, evil spirits, ruin, pessimism… from a boat. To fulfill this function, the sails are cut in different ways and tied to masts called masts: “Raise the sails I want to reach the island before sunset”, “We go full steam ahead for several hours”, “The sail is damaged: we will have to row”. Sailing is also called a sport that consists of racing boats equipped with sails. Windsurfing and sailing are some of the disciplines that are part of the sailing world. The act and result of observation is called a candle. The verb to watch, in turn, refers to carrying out a guard for some purpose (taking care of a sick person, accompanying a deceased person, protecting a patrimony). Assisting also refers to carrying out activities in the time normally spent sleeping: “I spent the night awake, taking care of Tomás” .

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