What is came?

To begin to analyze and establish the meaning of the term venia, we must first know its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that comes from Latin, exactly from “venia”, which can be translated as “favor” or “permission”.

The concept can be used with reference to the salute which is made with a slight bow of the head or which, in the military field, involves bringing the right hand to the rim of the cap or to the temple. For example: “Yesterday, at the military parade, Martín was surprised when a soldier bowed him” , “All cadets should know that not bowing to a superior is a serious offense” , “When the girl passed before Him, the old man, first bowed to him, and then hissed at him.”

It is also called permission or authorization that is requested or granted to carry out an action: “Don’t worry: I have the boss’s permission to close the agreement under these conditions”, “With the president’s permission, the minister started to draw a new economic plan to fight inflation”, “I won’t do anything without your father’s permission: I don’t want family problems”. In the judicial sphere, we found the fact that the term in question is used very frequently. So, for example, during any trial when one of the attorneys is going to speak aloud, whether to defend his client or to act as a prosecutor, he should first begin by saying, “Please, Your Honor.” And this is the formal way of indicating that you are going to use your turn with the permission of the judge who presides over the room. Specifically, it is established that this manifestation is a sign of respect for the judge and the existing regulations regarding the development of the process. In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the expression “ask for permission” also exists. This is an action brought between lawyers and which takes place when the client of one of them wants to change his lawyer and let another defend himself. For this reason, the new lawyer must ask the previous one’s authorization to be able to take over the process now. Of course, it is important that the new attorney receives the necessary authorization to begin work. When he has it in hand, it is declared that permission has been granted. When vir is accented in the letter I (vir), the term becomes a conjugation of the verb vir (to go somewhere, to adjust to something): “It’s been a long time since I’ve been here … it’s changed a lot! ”, ” I have been looking for this contract for months”, “A car coming from the south collided with a truck on the interprovincial highway: the accident left one dead and three injured” . Venia, anyway, is the name of a spider that is part of the línfidos family. Scientific name Venia kakamega, this arachnid lives on the African continent.

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