What is Cajado?

Rod is a term that comes from the Latin language and refers to a cane, a staff, a branch or an elongated stick. For example: “Go get some sticks so we can light the fire”, “Surrounded by wolves, the young man took a stick with the intention of scaring them away”, “With the help of a stick, the woman managed to reach the bag. ”

A branch can be a branch extracted from a tree and from which the leaves, flowers and stems are removed. The sticks can be used to start a fire, make marks on the ground, or hit someone. They can also be used as a support to move more safely and firmly.

In the Bible, the rod is cited as an instrument that allows people to be punished. Wands that are magical elements are also mentioned, as is the case with the wands that Moses and Aaron possessed. In the Old Testament, Moses carried a staff with which he could perform miracles. God let him know that this instrument would allow him to perform prodigious deeds and thus he could fulfill his mission. One of these acts consisted in turning the rod into a serpent, something which Moses demonstrated before his people to gain their trust. He later went with Aaron to visit the monarch and played the aforementioned trick, but this time the serpent swallowed the magicians’ wands. It was with this same piece of wood that Moses turned water into blood, attracted a legion of locusts, and parted the waters of the Red Sea so the Israelis could escape Pharaoh’s army. He also used it to draw water from a rock and thus quench the thirst of his people. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, Aaron also had a rod that played a very important role in the Bible. Like Moses, he had the power to perform miracles. It all started when God commanded Moses to take a dry stick from the almond trees of each tribe and place them in the Tabernacle (the traveling sanctuary created on Mount Sinai for Yavheh); the only one that flourished was Aaron’s. Several ancient officials carried a staff as a symbol of authority. Therefore, in addition to biblical tradition, rods are currently associated with orders, mandates or punishments: “The governor threatened to use the rod against the rebellious mayors”, “In this house I have the rod: I recommend that you pay attention to me”.

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The rod as an instrument of punishment has been used since time immemorial in various contexts, from educational to military, and this custom is maintained in some parts of the world. For example, it is used to whip criminals as punishment for certain crimes, but also to discipline students in reform schools. As part of a proper name, El Tío la Vara is a character on the Spanish comedy show La hora de José Mota. It’s about a hero named Eladio Guardiola, born in Alcafrán in 1958. When he was little, his father gave him a staff with the aim of using it to eliminate stupidity from the world, and so Eladio started training. Like the other sections of the show, El Tío la Vara’s plot and jokes belong to the absurd. Stick, finally, was the name of a unit of length equal to three feet. As the size of the foot varied according to the region, the stem could measure 0.278635 meters, 0.768 meters or 0.835905 meters, just to name a few possibilities.

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