What is C++?

C++ is a computer programming language created in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup and designed to serve as an improved version of the C language. It is object-oriented and is considered a high-level language. However, it has low-level facilities. C++ is one of the most commonly used programming languages.

C++ is used for computer programming.

C++ development actually started four years before its release in 1979. It didn’t start with that name; its first name was “C with classes”. In late 1983, C with Classes was first used for AT&T’s in-house programming needs. Its name was changed to C++ later in the same year. The language was not released commercially until late 1985.

C++ programming is used on UNIX systems.

Developed at Bell Labs, C++ has improved the C programming language in many ways. Among its features are classes, virtual functions, models, and operator overloading. The language also counts multiple inheritance and exception handling among its many features. C++ introduced the use of declarations as statements and includes more type checking than is available with C.

Considered a superset of C, C++ retains a variety of features that are included in its predecessor. In this way, C programs can usually run successfully in C++ compilers, although there are some issues that can cause C code to perform differently. In fact, it is possible that some C code is incompatible with C++.

The C++ computer programming language was created for UNIX, giving programmers the advantage of being able to modify code without actually changing it. The code is reusable. Building libraries is also cleaner. The language is considered portable and does not require the use of a specific piece of hardware or just an operating system.

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Another important feature of C++ is the use of classes. Classes help programmers organize their code and avoid errors. There are times when errors escape, but classes can be instrumental in finding bugs and fixing them.

The original C++ compiler, called Cfront, was written in the C++ programming language. Compiling in this language is considered efficient and fast. Its speed can be attributed to its high-level features in conjunction with its low-level components. When compared to other computer programming languages, it can be seen as quite short. This is due to the fact that it leans towards using special characters rather than keywords.

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