what is bus

A bus is a means of land mass transport. It is a vehicle that has a long chassis, divided by two rows of seats, usually in pairs and a aisle to circulate between them, plus the space through which its driver passes. The buses are designed to carry out long journeys and carry between 70 and 120 people seated. Buses can be divided into categories which in turn depend on the length of the route they travel. Those who travel long distances are conditioned to make the trip as comfortable as possible, as it is not the same to spend 20 minutes sitting in one place as 8 hours in a vehicle.

Those that have the highest possible standard of quality and comfort are known as Executive Express or Buscamas, the seats are reclining seats that are more comfortable than a bus seat that makes short journeys. The engines of these vehicles are as big as those of a truck, they usually run on Diesel or Diesel.

In another line, the term Bus is used in the field of computer science to describe those devices that serve as databases or massive storage of information or files to be transported from one place to another (we easily appreciate an analogy with the original term) . The buses internal to the computer serve for the transmission of basic operating data between the processor and the peripherals connected to it, but the external buses, such as hard disks, flash drives and USB, serve to transport data files from one computer to another .

In fact, the acronym for USB stands for “Universal Serial Bus” which in Spanish means “Universal Serial Bus”, a tool designed to be compatible with a diverse range of terminals that allow the reading of the files it carries.

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Hard disks are storage memories or buses that support a greater load of data, this type of buses can also serve as a starting mechanism for a computer, since they can contain operating systems inside, that is, what is being transferred from this Peripheral bus to the motherboard is the program that handles all the functions that the user performs.

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