What is buckwheat bread?

Buckwheat flour is usually mixed with other flours to make buckwheat bread.

Buckwheat bread is a buckwheat flour-based bread, which is made by grinding a small grain-like dried fruit called buckwheat into powder. Typically, buckwheat bread contains buckwheat flour as well as other types of flours to improve the texture and flavor of the bread. Most buckwheat breads are made with wheat flour, so they are not gluten-free, but may have reduced levels of gluten. There are several different types of buckwheat bread, each designed for a different dietary restriction, or taste or texture preference.

Buckwheat bread is sometimes sweetened with raisins.

Gluten-free buckwheat bread is usually made with rice flour mixed in. Most types of buckwheat bread also contain yeast, sugar, and eggs, but some recipes for buckwheat breads omit yeast and include baking powder as a leavening agent. Vegan bread recipes leave out eggs, but may or may not include yeast.

Buckwheat has a relatively strong earthy flavor compared to other grains, which might be surprising to anyone who is more familiar with the taste of wheat bread. To make bread tastier in general, buckwheat bread is often sweetened to a greater degree than typical wheat bread. This can be done by including a fruit, such as raisins or bananas, on the bread, or it can be done by glazing the bread with melted honey or molasses. The molasses and honey give the bread a sweet flavor that blends with and tempers the strong earthy flavor of buckwheat.

Most buckwheat breads are made with wheat flour and are not gluten-free.

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Most people consider buckwheat to be a grain, but it is actually a small fruit that grows from a plant that looks a bit like ivy. True grains grow on straight-leaved grasses, while buckwheat grows on a broadleaf plant, which has traditional, broad leaves. Buckwheat is one of several grain-like fruits used to help people who are gluten intolerant consume breads. Other gluten-free pseudograins used to make bread include amaranth and quinoa.

Gluten is a type of protein most common in foods made from wheat plants and wheat-related plants. Foods made from barley and rye grains may also contain gluten. Gluten-free wheat bread is important because some conditions, such as celiac disease, mean the patient has an allergic reaction to gluten that can cause damage to the digestive system. While celiac disease is a common type of gluten intolerance, patients can have many other digestive problems caused by gluten intolerance that can benefit from a gluten-restricted diet.

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