what is broccoli

It is a type of plant belonging to the Brasicaceae family, which includes the cauliflower; The main characteristics of this species is that it has many fleshy branches that end in the shape of heads, these are edible, very similar to cauliflower, only this plant is dark green.

This species is easy to grow in cold environments, so it is difficult for agriculture in the summer seasons, it is often consumed when boiled or steamed, it can also be refracted together with sauces such as soy sauce or Worcestershire and has been very popular on the table of several families as an aperitif, being a great source of vitamins C, E and also providing a great contribution of fiber, the nutritional contribution reaches its peak when the ramifications are more green.

This plant has proved to be a powerful anticancer agent, as it contains substances known as glucosinolates and indoles, which protect tissues from carcinogenic compounds, excellent results have been observed against breast, prostate and cervical cancer. different internal organs such as liver, kidneys, intestine and colon, its anti-cancer properties are reinforced with different compounds such as vitamins C, A and E, and electrolytes such as potassium, zinc and amino acids.

Another contribution to health that broccoli produces is to serve as a detoxifier for the body, as it facilitates the expulsion of free radicals, various toxins, in addition to uric acid, which generates a great purification at the level of the skin and bloodstream, mainly giving the skin has a youthful and luminous character with a high feeling of softness; Due to its high fiber content, it can serve as a heart protector, as it reduces the levels of LDH (bad cholesterol), which acts by transporting lipids to the tissues, broccoli has chromium in its content, important for regulating glucose levels in the body. blood and thus prevent systemic arterial hypertension; This plant helps maintain vision, has vitamin A and beta-carotene that prevent cataracts and the damage that can be caused by ultraviolet radiation.

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