What is brave?

Valerous is an adjective that refers to one who has courage. An individual with bravery or courage is courageous.

For example: “Man, brave, did not hesitate to jump into the sea to rescue the old man who had fallen from the end of the pier”, “We need you for the front of the country is someone brave, do not be afraid to make decisions”, “If Had Marcos been more courageous, he would not have lost his beloved.” The concept of courageous also refers to something valuable or with great power: “The Slovenian striker’s courageous talent is the main weapon of the visiting team”, “The health situation is improving thanks to the courageous work of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the team”. health personnel”, “Wind energy is a valuable resource for this region”.

Usually, the idea of ​​courageous appears associated with the notion of fearlessness, courage or daring. Suppose a woman watches a child about to fall off a ledge. Wasting no time, he approaches and takes the little one with his hands, taking him to a safe place. As it turns out, this woman risked her life to save the boy: therefore, she is a brave person, who does not let fear paralyze her. Fire, in this context, is often brave. Due to their work, they continually face dangerous situations, where they can suffer all kinds of injuries or even die. However, motivated by their vocation, they accept risks every day and provide an essential service to the community.

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