what is braille

It refers to a method of writing and reading that is used by means of a tactile code, created mainly for people with visual impairments. This system was created in the mid-19th century by Frenchman Louis Braille who became blind after a domestic accident as a child.

Later, at the age of 13, the director of the school where he studied presented him with an innovative literacy method created by Charles Barbier for military purposes and whose objective was to transmit orders to the military, preventing the position from being discovered. After a while Braille realized that such a system had potential, so he decided to modify it, resulting in the famous Braille method.

This system consists of the use of six points that are distributed in different ways, and can even be considered a kind of binary system.

It should be noted that the Braille method is an alphabet and not a language, this alphabet is recognized worldwide and with it it is possible to express both letters and numbers and even signs, which makes it extremely complicated. The elements used in this alphabet are a total of 256 characters, most of which are closely related to what precedes or follows it in terms of meaning.

Each of the characters is based on the six points mentioned above, which must be laid out on a pair of lines parallel to each other. Depending on the meaning that the writer wants to give, some points can be highlighted so that, when contacting him, the correct meaning of what is reflected there can be identified.

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Although Braille writing is considered a universal system, it is possible that it presents modifications depending on the language of the person who uses it, and the letters can be included or replaced by others used in a given language. , this can be seen in languages ​​such as Mandarin or Japanese, where sounds can be mixed with Braille.

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