what is boxing

Boxing, also known as boxing or boxing, is one of the oldest sports like wrestling. It is a contact sport, in which two people fight with only their fists covered by a special glove. The object of boxing is to hit the opponent above the waist and inside the ring as many times as possible.

But boxing is a sport that goes beyond punches, as the boxer needs mastery of skills and mental skills, this must be strategic not only to hit the opponent more, but also to avoid receiving so many punches.

Its origins date back to Egypt and the East around the fourth millennium BC. In the history of the Greek games, boxing was practiced as one of the disciplines that most attracted people. The first boxing match in modern times was in 1681 in England, when the Duke of Albermarle planned a match between a butcher and his butler. At that time the sport was not practiced with the same rules or protections as today and, above all, it was played for the money generated in the bets.

The boxing ring measures between 20 and 24 feet. The boxing match or match is supervised by a referee who starts and ends the match. There are several ways to win the fight, one of them is through a knockout, which is when the opponent unconsciously falls to the ground without being able to get up due to a blow and the other is when one of the boxers falls to the ground, either due to fatigue or due to a stroke, the referee counts to ten and if he doesn’t move, the standing wrestler wins.

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Each boxer fights an opponent of the same weight or category. Within the boxing categories, in which the fighters are organized, are the following: straw, mini fly, fly, super fly, bantamweight, super bantamweight, feather, super feather or junior lightweight, lightweight, super lightweight or junior welterweight, Welterweight, super welterweight or juniors middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, cruisers and heavyweights.

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