What is bovine collagen?

During the consultation process, all possible outcomes and outcomes of bovine collagen will be discussed.

Bovine collagen is a natural protein found in the skin, bones and muscles of cows. This collagen is so similar to human collagen that many people in the beauty industry have embraced its use as a cost-effective way to treat wrinkles and fine lines. Acting as a substitute for human collagen, it can be used to fill in fine lines and correct scars.

Patients with deep wrinkles may find that injections in cattle are not enough for them.

The human body naturally produces collagen, which is the protein that makes hair shiny and keeps the skin clean and taut. As the body ages, collagen production slows down. The results of this decrease, along with other environmental factors, can contribute to fine lines, wrinkles on the face and sagging skin.

People looking for non-surgical facials to help restore their youthful appearance, blemish free skin may want to include bovine collagen in their beauty regimen. The treatment is applied as an injection to the affected areas of the face. These areas often include frown lines around the mouth and fine lines around the eyes. Bovine collagen can also be used to treat acne scars or other blemishes, acting as a filler to smooth the skin.

Bovine collagen can be used to treat acne scars, while current breakouts are treated with ointments.

Collagen injections can only be administered by a surgeon. The physician will determine which treatment is appropriate and patients can expect to receive one of three branded bovine collagens. Zyderm I is used to treat fine lines and smaller scars, while Zyderm II is used for longer, deeper scars. Zyplast is used for longer results where the affected skin is most damaged.

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Collagen is a protein in the human body that makes hair shiny.

While the results may be favorable, they are not permanent. As bovine collagen is a protein, it breaks down in the body over time. Results usually last from six months to a year. Once the collagen disappears, the treatment can be repeated. A plastic surgeon can help determine a course of treatment before starting.

Patients with deep wrinkles or scars, or those looking for more dramatic results, may find that bovine collagen injections are not enough for them. In these cases, a more invasive procedure may be necessary. A trained plastic surgeon should be able to discuss options and determine the appropriate course of action.

There are few cases of allergic reactions to collagen injections. These reactions can include redness at the injection site, hives, and chest pain. During the consultation process, all possible outcomes and outcomes are normally discussed.

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