What is Blu-ray

The word Blu-ray is a term treated in the context of the computer, which consists of a modern optical disc format that comes to replace the DVD. Blu-ray is a disc with a large capacity for high-intensity data storage, its design covers 12 centimeters in diameter (it has the same dimension as a DVD). It was created by the company Blu-Ray Disc Association , with the aim of achieving a storage medium with the possibility of containing the largest amount of data required by movies in high definition format.

Blu-rays are capable of storing up to 50 GB of information, although techniques are being improved to increase this amount to approximately 70 GB. This optical disc, unlike the DVD, contains a 405 nanometer laser allowing more information to be written to a disc of the same size.

The name Blu-ray, which means Blu “blue” and Ray “ray”, is the result of the technology used: a blue laser to record and read information. While it is true that the Blu-ray Disc Association was responsible for the development of this optical disc, it is also true that a group of organizations in the fields of electronics, entertainment and computing worked with it, such as Samsung, Walt Disney Pictures, Apple, among others.

One of the most important applications that Blu-ray develops today is the ability to play 3D content, a feature much requested at the time by software creators and movie producers. Another advantage of Blu-ray is that it offers maximum protection to your content, as it has a substrate that serves as a shield, which protects it from scratches, ensuring excellent disc playback for a long time.

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