What is Bilateral

When we speak of bilateral, we do not refer to the two parts, sides or aspects considered, that relate to a thing or that are affected by its consequences.

In this sense, one can speak of bilateral relations or ties that arise between two nations or entities. For example: “The chancellor promised to restore bilateral relations with the neighboring country”.

In Law, it applies to contracts in which both parties are obliged to give, do or not do, that remunerate the benefit of the other party with greater or lesser equality; as in the sale (thing and price), in the exchange (thing for something different), in society (contribution against eventual profits), etc.

When states recognize themselves as sovereign states and commit to developing diplomatic relations, they exchange embassies to facilitate dialogue. It is an agreement that affects or is made by two parties; a bilateral agreement.

A mineral water distributor and another dedicated to the provision of Internet services establish a bilateral contract in which the former undertakes to deliver 100 liters of mineral water per month and the latter to provide the connection service. If one of the two fails to comply (ie the first company does not deliver the water or the second does not provide the connection), the bilateral contract will have been violated.

In the field of Health and Medicine, we must also highlight the use of the term that we are now analyzing. Specifically, this industry talks about what is known as bilateral mammography. This is neither more nor less than the X-ray of both breasts of a woman to be able to determine the state of the breast tissue.

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On the other hand, at the request of biology, the word in question also has a special use, as it helps to compose a concept such as bilateral symmetry. Bilateral symmetry designates that single plane, the sagittal plane (perpendicular to the ground and perpendicular to the frontal planes). ), whereby the bodies of animals and humans are divided into two equal and identical parts, half corresponding to the right side and the other half to the left.

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