What is Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven, was a great composer, pianist and conductor, born in Germany on December 16, 1770. His family was originally from Belgium. His parents were Johann Van Beethoven, a German tenor at the court of Bonn, and Maria Magdalena Keverich. From a young age, Ludwig was interested in music, receiving full support from his father who trained him in the fundamentals of this beautiful art.

When he was just 7 years old, Beethoven gave his first public performance. Given his father’s pedagogical and musical limitations, Ludwig receives lessons from other instructors, who, amazed, saw how quickly the child learned, especially organ and composition. One of his instructors was the experienced Gottlob Neefe, who had a great influence on him. This musician recognized the extraordinary level of Beethoven’s talent, so in addition to teaching him everything related to music, he also taught him about the most outstanding works of ancient and contemporary philosophers and intellectuals.

At age 11, Beethoven published his first composition called “Nine Variations in a March by Ernst Christop Dressler. From then on, Beethoven’s musical life grew, so he stopped needing to play shows to survive while offers to make compositions and concerts poured in.

However, at the height of his success, Beethoven begins to suffer a loss of his hearing abilities, due to otosclerosis of the inner ear. This, instead of depressing him and pushing him away from music, greatly influenced the way of composing.

This famous musician and composer died in Vienna on March 26, 1827. The cause of Beethoven’s death is somewhat obscure, as it has not yet been determined what caused his death.

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