What is Beatification

Beatification in a general sense refers to the action of beatifying. Beatification is an ecclesiastical type of procedure whereby the papal figure manifests or exposes that a deceased personage enjoys the glory of heaven and is worthy of all kinds of worship thanks to the virtues he possessed.

This is a statement made by the Pope that qualifies him as the head of the church, stating that a given servant of God has maintained a life of holiness, that is, that he has fulfilled the Christian virtues in such a way that he can express himself. as heroic, and who consequently obtained the death of a martyr, and who now enjoys the heavenly deities.

The organ in charge of studying and analyzing each of the miracles, heroic virtues and martyrdoms is the Vatican, and it is this that proposes the different figures of holiness so that the Supreme Pontiff begins to carry out the beatifications, it is called the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. . The beatification phrase is not something definitive that takes place before canonization;

Because beatification is the permission to pay a certain homage or public worship to an entity with certain limitations, on the other hand, canonization allows the veneration of a certain character in a universal way, which is called a saint.

The process of beatification can only be offered to those who died with a reputation for sanctity, that is, that there is evidence and that this is publicized in different places and territories. Beatification can be granted in two ways, which can be by enjoying certain heroic Christian virtues, or by martyrdom, that is, he suffered for his faith.

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