What is Beard Stubble?

The stubble can extend to the neck.

A man’s facial hair continues to grow even after it is shaved at or below the skin. These hairs begin to appear hours after shaving and the result is known as beard stubble. A stubble often appears as a dark spot in the late afternoon or early evening, which is why many people also call it the “five o’clock shadow.” A man who prefers a clean-shaven look often sees stubble as an unwanted development, while another might see it as the first signs of growing a full beard. A stubble can grow relatively evenly across a man’s neck, chin, and lower face, or it can appear in uneven patches on different areas of the face and neck.

Some men use razor and shaving cream to completely remove stubble.

Different men have different approaches when it comes to the maintenance or removal of facial hair, including stubble. Some prefer to use a razor and shaving cream to completely remove all traces of growth overnight. Trimmed hair remains at or below skin level, creating a smooth, hairless appearance. Others may decide to allow facial hair to grow to a substantial length and then trim or shave unwanted hair along the neck or chin to create a full beard or moustache. Many men, however, choose to allow a beard to appear for several days and then carefully shave a permanent line to create a well-trimmed beard.

The stubble on a man’s face is known as the five o’clock shadow.

A carefully groomed stubble has an established appeal, giving the wearer a very masculine and robust look. Several women have expressed an attraction to men who maintain a certain level of stubble. During the 1980s, actor Don Johnson and others routinely wore a stubble, and the look rarely went out of style for men who don’t want to keep full beards or mustaches. Uncombed or uneven beard growth may not be considered attractive, but the appearance of multi-day hair growth can make the wearer appear more aggressive or mundane.

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Barbers often use razor blades to shave customers’ beards and necks.

Maintaining a stubble usually involves using an electric hair clipper with a close-fitting razor blade guard, usually a #1 or #2, or no razor guard at all. The stylist would first shave a defined line under the neck and along the sides of the stubble. A few passes with a trimmer protected over the beard itself should bring the hair to the desired length. It is possible for a man to maintain a stubble with the proper type of trimmer and blade guard, but results can be more consistent if a professional hairdresser or barber performs the operation.

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