What is bard?

Vate is a concept that comes from vates, a Latin term. The notion is used synonymously with poet. A vate, therefore, is an individual who is dedicated to the creation of poetry.

For example: “Portuguese people will receive the award next week, in an event that will take place at the Casa de la Cultura”, “Jorge Luis Borges and Rubén Darío are my favorite vates”, “The round table will have the participation of a novelist, a essayist and a vado, who will analyze the literary news from Latin America”. It is important to note that vate is often used in a literary context or when it is intended to give a certain refinement to language. The word poet is much more popular in everyday and colloquial language.

Remember that poetry consists in the expression of feelings and aesthetic criteria through the word. In general, poetry is written in verse, although it can also be developed in prose. Vates, in this context, produce texts with these characteristics. It is curious to know that, although the term vate is used to refer to poets, there are different publications that, throughout history, have come to qualify as all those individuals who had their instrument of expression or work in poetry. Specifically, in this sense, they came to establish four distinct figures in this regard:

-The poet, who is the one who invents, the one who has the greatest gift for poetry and who identifies himself as fruitful, impetuous and creative.

-The bard, who was the druid poet who was in charge of singing verses at organized parties of religious origin.

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-The vate, who identified himself as a prognosticator, as a prophet. Therefore, it was determined that he was one with solemnity and that he was inspired.

-The troubadour, who was a singer, a Provencal poet. He started to take charge of singing fights and loves to bring poetry closer to the people. He was considered a perfect mix between poet, pilgrim and soldier. Characteristics such as bravery and bravery were also attributed to him, without forgetting that he was considered a great adventurer. It is interesting to note that this word has been used throughout history with important meanings in different cultures and civilizations. A good example of this is that the Celts used this term to refer to one of the most relevant figures within the priestly status. He was a man and was responsible for tasks like sacrifices, worship and medicine. He doesn’t confuse vate with bat. When the word is written with an initial B , one can cite the bat used in some sports to hit the ball or a conjugation of the verb batir (defeat, shake, move): “I remember that, when I was a child, a player of the New York Yankees autographed my baseball bat,” “You whipped the cream while I cut the fruit. ”

Finally, VATE is the acronym for the Victorian Association for the English Teaching, which promotes the teaching of English in Victoria (Australia).

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