what is barbaric

The term barbarian is generally used to refer to people who were not native to Greece or who did not speak Greek or Latin. It derives from the Greek word “βάρβαρος” which, when translated, means “person who babbles”. In general, the term Persian was used to designate the Persians, because when they spoke the sounds they produced with their mouths sounded similar to those of the Persians, babbling small children emitted.

Likewise, the Greek word was modified into Latin as “barbarus” which was used by the Romans to name foreigners or populations that were not equal to Rome in culture and belief, classifying them as savage and primitive despite the fact that these people are mostly farmers and hunters.

Over the centuries, the use of the term barbarian has also been used as a way to name the populations and villages that during the 5th century rebelled against the Roman Empire and that over time spread and spread across much of Europe. . continent, so, with the passage of time, everything that had any relation to these villages and towns became known as barbarians.

Barbarian peoples were given a classification by race, first white slaves, among whom were village Slovaks, Czechs, among others. Next were non-slave whites, composed mainly of Germans and Gauls. In third place were the yellow ones, leaving the fumes and misers that gathered in this race.

As mentioned above, these peoples did not have very cordial relations with the Roman Empire, perhaps due to the various invasions these peoples had to endure during the 3rd century AD, which is why the people of these races were not considered as suitable to enter the army of Rome, but over time the need for troops forced the Romans to allow their entry, which facilitated their infiltration into the army and thanks to this the fall of the empire in its western part in 476 AD.

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