what is ball

A ball is often used in different sports and in children’s games. It is inflated with air, so it is generally lighter than other balls and can be handled easily. In sports such as football, basketball, and American football, balloons are the main practice instrument.

The balls have different shapes, each shape will depend on the sport you play, some are round (soccer, volleyball, basketball) and others can be oval (American football, rugby). In general, a ball has the ability to bounce and spin in the air, due to the air it contains, so much so that if the ball is fully inflated it will have much more force than if it were deflated, so it can reach greater heights.

The way to play with the ball is very varied, as it will depend on the sport you practice, for example in volleyball, the objective is not to let the ball touch the field itself, the idea is that it touches the opposite field. In basketball, it is only valid to use the hands to manipulate the ball, while in football the ball can only be touched by the player’s feet or head.

The ball had its origin in the Chinese civilization of the 9th century BC, in the beginning they were filled with threads. Its creation is due to a Chinese emperor named Fu-Hi, who after compressing several roots, made a spherical mass, which he later covered with raw skin. The first use that was given to this rudimentary ball was as a deflection, which consisted of passing the ball from hand to hand. Then, as time passed, new civilizations began to use other materials like rubber and latex for their manufacture, causing the ball to bounce.

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